Lifestyle coach / Mentor.

My journey began as a Personal Trainer 26 years ago.  I learned that through getting a great physique, entering fitness and body building competitions, there was much more pieces to the puzzle.  A lifestyle coach is a very unique position. It’s a level up from the title “Trainer or Coach” per say.  It goes beyond counting reps and showing you how to do certain exercises.  Although that serves a very important purpose and role.

It’s more of an overall experience through a certain mindset physically, mentally and emotionally.  You have to understand that the body can only do what the mind can endure.  You need a certain kind of emotional intelligence and humbleness about you to go to the next level.

I realized this about 5 years into my fitness journey.  I realized that every time I challenged myself at the gym, I was getting stronger in all areas of my life. It wasn’t just my health and fitness that was improving, I had better quality relationships, my finances were improving, I started having a spiritual world that made sense.  I started believing more in myself, gaining more confidence and self esteem. 
It was an unspoken “Will to do better” that I developed through falling down at the gym and getting back up.
You see I truly believe that your “Will Power” is the best muscle you can exercise.  The more you use it, the stronger it gets.  The less you use it, the weaker it gets.
It was then I started looking for the right Lifestyle mentor/coach for me.  That was the best decision I ever made in my life.  He challenged me to be better.  To be more, and kept me focused on to reaching my maximum potential.
Today I still see him 18 years later.  I’m very thankful and still invest in myself today to keep trying to go to the next level.  I realize there is still lots I have to learn and grow from. I now learn through Personally mentoring one on one and small group settings.
I truly believe that if you could solve your problems on your own, you would have already and the success you want and deserve, would have already manifested in your life.
It’s a great idea to lay your challenges out on the table with someone who is experienced in dealing with those situations and can give you the love, encouragement, accountability and tools you need to go to the next level in your life.
If that’s you, feel free to reach out and connect with me!
I would love to meet you!
You’re worth it!
I truly wish you all the Success you’re willing to work for.
All the Best,
Jason Johnson
Lifestyle Coach

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This is the starting point to your transformation and success. You have your health and fitness goals written down in detail and are ready to see where your health and fitness stands.  Book a time to come in and step on our Body Diagnostics Scale.  It gives us 11 readings on your health.

  1. Height
  2. Current age
  3. Weight
  4. Body Mass Index
  5. Fat %
  6. Water %
  7. Muscle Mass
  8. Physique Rating
  9. Metabolic Rate and Age
  10. Bone Mass
  11. Visceral Fat (Abdominal Fat)

Once we have the reading, we know exactly where you are and where you should be.  It comes out in a graph or chart and tells us where you should be for your age, gender etc.

We will need this to compare in 6 weeks from now to see the results and compare to the new you!

From there we put a game plan together to meet you at your needs and in the time frame you want to accomplish your goals in.

To make sure you have the right Exercise, Nutriton Plan or Lifestyle change that is needed if need be.

Make a decision your future self will thank you for.  Book a consultation now and let’s gets you started safely and confidently to a better, more energetic quality of life.

We’re here for you!

Preparation checklist

personal training

There are a number of reasons for getting a Personal Trainer.
It’s important to lay out your expectations out with them right at the start regarding your health and fitness goals and what you plan to accomplish…and time frame you wish to accomplish them in.  Also what commitment level your at to achieve them.  Please be as detailed as you can becuase that’s what they specialize in. Just remember the more consistent you are, the quicker you will get to where you want to be!
Once you’ve discussed your health and fitness goals in detail, the Personal Trainer of your choice will choose the right program for you and the relationship begins.  Remmber they’re on your team and will to everything in their power to make sure you hit you goal, quickly and safely and still have a smile on your face coming back for more!
You’re one decision away from getting the knowledge and confidence to getting that healthy body.
Look forward to hearing from you!
  • 1-9 Sessions $84.99ea
  • 10-19 Sessions $82.49ea
  • 20+ Sessions $79.99ea


nutrition package

The right nutrition plan for you is very important. 
Usually a fitness and nutrition plan go hand in hand but not in all cases.
A nutrition plan is important for many reasons.
It could be for weight loss, weight gain, building muscles, the right fuel to give you energy and aid in muscle repair.
Also to help your digestive track run smoothly and efficiently.
There are many different factors to consider when getting the right personalized Nutrition plan.
Some details about you are as follows:
-First off, it does differentiate depending if you’re a male or female for hormonal purposes along with many more reasons.
-Are you allergic to anyfoods?
-Do you have a fast or slow metabolic rate?
-Are you exercising regularly, and if so is it weight based or cardio based training?
-How old are you?
-What’s the purpose of getting a nutrition plan?
These are just some of the many questions you need to know before we speak about your nutrition plan for your new “lifestyle!”
Remember if you have unhealthy foods going into your body all the time with no balance or routine, you probably won’t be looking or feeling your best. You won’t have optimal energy.
Good balance nutrtion, will get you to looking, feeling and performing at your absolute best.  It will bring the human machine back to working at an optimal level and make the remaining of your life, a healthier, better quality one.
This package will give you a daily meal plan in detailed form based on your goals and what you’re trying to accomplish.   Remember, a map or a plan is important for your success.
Also don’t forget balance is the key.
Look forward to speaking with you and learning about you so we can change your habits which will ultimately turn into a healthier, happier, more enegized life!

online coaching

  • 1-9 Sessions $72.99ea
  • 10-19 Sessions $69.99ea
  • 20+ Sessions $66.99ea
Can’t make it to the gym? We’ve got you covered.
Virtual coaching is available!
Schedule training into your schedule, wherever you are.


ready to go?

12-week transformation package

Our 12 week Transformation Program was designed for the “fast track” person who wants to get back their health and fitness…right away. There are 3 major components needed for success to happen in 12 weeks! We have helped so many people get where they want to be.

First off, it starts with a consultation regarding where you want to go in regards to your goals.  From there, we take your measurements if needed and put you on our Body Diagnostics scale. This gives us 11 different health readings in regards to your health and where you should be on a graph depending on age, gender, height and goals etc.   Next we look over your written goals and discuss in detail so we can make a customized personal fitness and nutrition program tailored to you goals. 

Next we have you sit down with our Nutritionist to customize your nutrition plan to make sure they’re in line with your Individual fitness program.  

 Also make sure you’re getting the right nutrition requirements to achieve your ideal fitness goal.  This is very important to match the right nutrition plan to your fitness program so injury does not occur and to make sure you’re getting the right nutrients to recover, and optimize your results as quickly,  and safely as possible.

Lastly… but more importantly, putting you with the right knowledgeable Personal Coach. To hold each other accountable to what we said we were going to do in the first place to ensure that the value and results are sustainable and long term.  The body Diagnostics scale is used 3 times during the 12 weeks to mark progress along the way, and to stay on the right path to hit your Successful TRANSFORMATION and maintain after the 12 week process!

From there you will have built successful habits and will maintain a successful LIFESTYLE which is ultimately our goal!


Payment Plans Available

Group Fitness training

Our Fitness Classes have an extreme amount of value.  We have great qualified instructors who practice what they teach and always have a fun, energetic atmosphere.  The music is pumping and the team is motivational!
Get some guidance and great results in a social environment.
Any age and fitness level welcome!
  • 4 weeks, 1 class/wk $99.99
  • 4 weeks, 2 classes/wk $119.99
  • 4 weeks, 3 classes/wk $179.99
6:00pm – PLYOGA
6:15pm – Bootcamp  (full Body) Class
7:00pm – Online Class (basic movements)
10:00 am – Abdominals Fitness Class
11:00am – Arms and Upper Body Fitness Class

Our annual memberships


$29.99 per month
  • Full Access to the gym
  • 24/7 Online Support
  • Full Body Machine Circuit Program


$69.95 per month
  • Full Access to the gym
  • 24/7 Online Support
  • Full Body Machine Circuit Program & Aerobic room
  • 2 group fitness classes a week
  • Key Fob entry


$99.95 per month
  • Full Access to the gym
  • 24/7 Online Support
  • Full Body Machine Circuit Program
  • Unlimited group fitness classes per week
  • 3 Body Diagnostic Scale Readings
  • Key Fob System

Not sure which to choose?



If a healthier lifestyle or a body transformation wasn’t incentive enough, join one of our contests for a chance to win some cold hard cash! Treat that new rocking body to a vacation!
You’ll also get to meet some great new people and share your experiences along the way.

You might not be on the same journey, or even have the same goals… but everyone can benefit from some healthy competition – build your strength, increase your stamina, fine tune your lifestyle, or just do it for the extra money!

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